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Ice Cubes Maker Mold - big size

Ice Cubes Maker Mold - big size
Ice Cubes Maker Mold - big size
Ice Cubes Maker Mold - big size
Ice Cubes Maker Mold - big size
Ice Cubes Maker Mold - big size

Ice Cubes Maker Mold - big size

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Ice Cubes Maker Mold - big ...


Product description


Condition : 100% new 

Material :13.2*14.1cm 

Color : Blue 

Quantity : 1pc 

Claims & Features 

Stores up to 3 batches at a time (120 ice cubes) 

Ice cubes are created in the outer chamber and stored within 

Conserve freezer space 

Clean and scentless ice cubes (air tight lid) 

Also cools bottled drinks fast 

Safe to use in dishwasher 

Free of BPA 

How to Use (Step by Step) 

1. Fill With Water 

To get started with your Ice Genie, you'll need to fill the entire thing with water. While doing so, you can fill it up to the top, but avoid filling it so full that water might dribble over the sides. 

2. Place in Freezer (with Lid) 

Next, put the spill-proof lid on your cube holder and place it in the freezer. It's best if you sit it somewhere flat so it won't fall over, although its lid will save it from spilling if it does. It's not absolutely necessary that you use the lid each time, but doing so will definitely help you avoid a mess. 

3. Wait a Few Hours 

Once you've placed your Ice Genie in the freezer, leave it there for at least a few hours to allow the ice within to freeze. In some freezers, this might take a day. 

4. Move Cubes to Outer Chamber 

After your ice cubes are frozen, you can take your entire cube holder out of the freezer and separate the inner chamber from the outer chamber. Following that, you'll have to dump the ice that's in the inner chamber into the outer chamber, and gently squish the flexible silicone of the outer chamber to break your ice up into small pieces. Once it's broken up into pieces you find small enough, it'll be ready to use. 



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